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WWII 1942 - Royal Air Force (RAF) Hawker Tempest (Single-Engined Piston Fighter)

Note the earlier Typhoon-style canopy and the tailfin without the dorsal inset. Neither feature would make it into production.

This pair of Mk. V Hawker Tempest's  demonstrate the two different power plants tried out. Nearest is an experimental machine fitted with an annular radiator for its Sabre engine, while EJ 823 was a standard in service version with a Napier Sabre engine with the well known "beard" radiator.

"Last of the big, butch piston engined warriors" KB RAF Hawker Tempest Mk V - World War 2

Hawker Tempest Mk IV

Tempest Tuesday: Hawker Tempest MkV The aircraft is piloted by William "Bill" Humble, who normally did not wear a helmet.