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$22 (ECF1P). A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

Melody Green Wool Runner

Full of fun, these unique wool runners are a great addition to your minimal kitchen.  Made of soft balls of high quality wool strung together in a colorful patt

Duet Earrings

Get ready to wear these earrings everyday - that’s how much you’ll love them! More than mimimal, less than dramatic, these are everyday earrings you’ll be comfortable wearing to any event.

Lost At Sea Collection

Our Beach Glass is famous for its ability to mimic the sunlight reflecting off the ocean. When you step into the light, you’ll be dazzled by the shimmering effe

Charm School Necklace

Charms Double,Charm School,Double Layered,Final Sale,Necklaces,Schools,Products

Gale Force Textured Triangle Earrings

Gale Force Textured Triangle Dangle Earrings with Forged Silver Links