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18 Amazing Cocktails That Require Only 2 Ingredients

Pina Colada: Thanks to L&A Pineapple Coconut Juice, you can actually make a mean piña colada in just 90 seconds. Just add one shot of good white rum to a glass filled with ice and top with the pineapple coconut juice. Garnish as you please with a slice of pineapple or fresh mint, or even a dash of Angostura bitters.

Spiced Pumpkin Punch

Spiced Pumpkin Punch {pumpkin puree, honey, lemon juice, bourbon, ginger beer, ginger, cinnamon}

Pumpkin Pie Martini Cocktail - Best Ever

Pumpkin Pie Martini with Blanton's® Bourbon, Baileys® Irish Cream & Frangelico® Hazelnut Liqueur | holiday cocktail recipe

White Russian Cocktail

Cream stirred with vodka and Kahlua make this wonderful sipper cocktail. Makes the perfect after dinner drink!

Cranberry Cocktails : Geoffrey Zakarian : Food Network

Cranberry Cocktails from Geoffrey Zakarian: Cran-Rosemary Sparkler, Cranberry Kir Royale and NYC Cosmopolitan