Our Legacy| Peigan Chief Bull Plume with rifle sitting on a chair on open prairie. Wearing traditional clothes.

Bull Plume - Blackfoot (Northern Peigan) - circa 1880 - Photographer unknown~So…

Hunkpapa Indian - One Bull.

One Bull -Lakota Sioux, younger brother of White Bull, best known for being the nephew and adopted son of the great holy man, Sitting Bull. Used his uncles shield in the battle of Little Bighorn.

Touches The Cloud- (Mineconjou) The picture was taken in 1877. He was a half brother to Chief Spotted Elk and he was best known as Crazy Horse's main warrior-He was the cousin of Crazy Horse and a chief of the Warrior Society.

Chief Touch the Clouds - Son of Lone Horn, brother of Spotted Elk, Frog, and Roman Nose. Also cousin to Crazy Horse.photo by James H.

Quanah Parker in ceremonial regalia, c1890.png -Quahada Comanche tribe(1890-1911) - born 1845 or 1852, died Feb 23, 1911 due to heart failure by rheumatism at Quanah Parker Star House, Cache Okla, - Comanche leader to bring Quahada band into Ft Sill - founder of Native American Church & peyote religion - parents: Peta Nacona with Cynthia Parker - spouses: Chony, Mah-Chetta-Wookey-Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum, Coby, Toe-Pay, & Tonarcy.

Quanah (aka Fragrance, aka Quanah Parker) the son of Tahconneahpeah (aka Peta Nocona) and Nadua (aka Someone Found, aka Cynthia Ann Parker) - Comanche/EuroAmerican - before his death in 1911 native