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Female Pole Dance Fitness - Original Framed Art Oil Painting - Exotic Circus Burlesque Aerial Artist Performer

"Aerial Artist 1" Original framed oil painting on canvasboard by Saskatoon, SK artist Michelle Durell Painting: 18w x 24h " Recycled Frame: 21w x 27h x 2d" This painting was created entirely left-handed (the artist's non-dominant hand) after experiencing a right shoulder injury while training in pole fitness.

Aerial Artist 3 - Original Oil Painting on Canvas (Aerial Hoop, Lyra, Fitness, Exercise, Circus, Female, Cirque)

Aerial Artist 3 Original Oil Painting on Canvas by durellstudio, Aerial Hoop/Lyra Circus/Cirque Inspired Left Handed Artwork

Fit Female Lifting Weights - Pink Purple & Black Exercise Motivation - Original Art Acrylic Canvas Painting

Jungle Gym Playground - Original Art Canvas Acrylic Painting

"Angel Study" Original Charcoal Drawing on by "Orange Flower" Original Textured Acrylic Painting by Michelle Durell / Durell Studio