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This pink see-through fantasia, Enypniastes, is a swimming sea cucumber seen about 2,500 metres deep in the Celebes Sea. In 2007 WHOI biologist Larry Madin led a team of scientists and photographers from the US and the Philippines on an expedition to explore biodiversity in the deep Celebes Sea ..." Picture: CENSUS OF MARINE LIFE / Laurence Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

coral measurements by WHOI scientists

Into the Deep: Expedition Seeks Life in Ocean Trench

A fish investigating a baited camera on the Atlantic's deep seafloor. - Credit: RSS James Cook Cruise 62

The first public display of Director James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGER will be at the Science Center this Sat (6/1) from 10a - 2p!

Marah Dahn gets hands-on seafloor mapping experience in the control room of NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

Mapping operations were conducted today following cancellation of the remotely operated vehicle dive due to heavy seas. Here, Mapping Team Lead Meme Lobecker conducts an XBT, or expendably bathythermograph cast, to measure conductivity, temperature, and depth to 760 meters in order to calibrate the mapping data. Due to the high sea state and heavy winds, she is accompanied by a team member (Expedition Coordinator, Kelley Elliott) to ensure safe operations. They are watching the incredibly…