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The American Kestrel, sometimes colloquially known as the Sparrow Hawk, is a small falcon, and the only kestrel found in the Americas. It is the most common falcon in North America, and is found in a wide variety of habitats.and he's cute!

hornero-bird-building-nest ~ these birds go get dirt, muddy it with their saliva and that's how the nest is made.

Don’t mind me, just building my house

Even Birds build cob homes! hornero-bird-building-nest Building a new home?

Stunning to see

Adorable Examples Of Baby Birds Photography

If I see a long-tailed tit during my Big Garden #Birdwatch, then I'll be happy! #pinittowinit

sweet little long tailed tit; The Long-tailed Tit or Long-tailed Bushtit (Aegithalos caudatus) is a common bird found throughout Europe and Asia.

I will protect my residents like they are my own babies.   I will shelter them and feed them (probably pizza) and when it comes time to let them fly, I will make sure that they soar <3.

Black-headed Gull and babies. * * MOM GULL TO ANGRY CHICK: " No son, weez are called sea gulls and righteously so.