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Holocaust Museum: 'Early Warning Signs of Fascism' - Pics - Dizkover

"Early Signs Of Fascism" at the US Holocaust Museum. Hmmmmmmm looks oddly familiar.

I mean, the same is true for thousands upon thousand of others that were lost in the holocaust, but the poignancy of this is undeniable.

This is ten years out of date in today Anne Frank would be How sad is it that this is still applicable after all these years?

Everyone should know about this guy. Pin to most popular board.

Everyone should know about this guy

Everyone Should Know About This Guy // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - <------ I know that the hashtags all say "humor", but it's not funny.

This is the truth and Disney :)

Lol so true>>>isn't the last post lyrics from Aladdin? Or am I the only crazed disney fan lolz!

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This reminder that you don't need to be what society tells you.

17 Times Feminists Completely Smashed The Patriarchy--great article that edifies both the female and male sex.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics

Don't cat-call women on the street. That's why it's called cat-calling. Have you ever tried calling a cat?

For some reasons things like this always show up exactly when I need them to

a great reference for characters recovering from say the climax of the book, trauma, a character death, ect.

Newspaper article//oh, this is good.

Funny pictures about Where White Man Went Wrong. Oh, and cool pics about Where White Man Went Wrong. Also, Where White Man Went Wrong photos.

mentalillness, recovery, coping- Do click through. It is very insightful

mentalillness, recovery, coping- Do click through. It is very insightful << helpful!

"The sexualization of women is only appealing when it's nonconsensual. Otherwise it's called 'sluttiness' "

Feminist masterpost - sorry for any bad language, but these arguments are not just valid points, they're real problems