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Zildjian Z3 18-Inch Rock Crash Cymbal by Zildjian. $234.95. Brilliant Finish. Save 44%!

Paiste Rude Wild Crash Cymbal 17" by Paiste. $239.32. The Rude Wild Crash Cymbal is a strong and loud crash for aggressive playing styles in noisy and extreme musical genres. This cymbal has a very responsive cymbal feel. It's well-suited for crash/ride patterns with a very energetic and powerful, metallic, hissing sound character. Narrow in range and has a fairly clean mix.

Meinl 8-inch Cymbal Pair by Meinl Percussion. $36.99. 8" Cymbal Pair. Save 40% Off!

Zildjian Z3 12-Inch Splash Cymbal by Zildjian. $134.95. Zildjian Drummer Zip Hoodie - XL

Zildjian Z3 20-Inch China Cymbal by Zildjian. $284.99. Super-loud effects!This Z3 China offers the most power of any cymbal in its class. The special hammering of the 20" Z3 China Cymbal allows it to have a lush, full-bodied sound with lots of focus and clarity. It's what you would expect from a china cymbal, times 1,000. Z3 Cymbals are also available in a range of sizes and types and more than one of them together create an amazing sonic display of cymbal power an...

Spectrum AIL 660B 3-Piece Junior Drum Set with 10-Inch Crash Cymbal and Drum Throne, Electric Blue -

Sabian 31806B B8 Pro 18-inch Crash Cymbal by Sabian. $109.00. Quick response and tight, bright, focused tone add up to a cymbal that delivers cutting accents in spades. The SABIAN 18" B8 Pro Thin Crash is the real deal in every sense. If speed, power and aggression describe the way you play, B8 Pro may be the cymbal series for you. With new larger hammering pattern and improved bell design, B8 Pro rocks harder than ever. Designed and crafted by the SABIAN Vault ...

Stagg CS-CMT19 19-Inch Classic Medium Thin Crash Cymbal by Stagg. $186.99. Stagg 19 Inch Classic Medium Thin Crash Cymbal