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Duck has Marilyn Monroe hair

DO share a picture of a duck that looks like Marilyn Monroe!

“Si hubiera observado todas las reglas, nunca habría llegado a ninguna parte”.- Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jean

“Si hubiera observado todas las reglas, nunca... - elbosquedecaperucitaverde

Marilyn Monroe with and without makeup (6 photos) | It took Marilyn 3 hours to apply her makeup. She's beautiful both ways, but you have to admire the artistry in her full "look."

Marilyn Monroe before and after makeup (6 photos)

Marilyn Makeup tricks - they did SO MUCH when they did her makeup! It's crazy. You should really read this. By kandee johnson :)

How Gloria Grahame made her lips appear plumper plus 14 other clever beauty tricks the old Hollywood stars used themselves.

15 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets You Won't Believe

Gloria Grahame Over the course of her career, Grahame was self-conscious of her upper lip, which she felt was too thin. She would stuff cotton or wads of tissue between her lip and teeth for a plumper look. As if kissing scenes weren't awkward enough.