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Sir, you are employing a double negative. (Spock). After the gangster says "Nobody helps nobody but himself". Episode: A Piece of the Action, season 2, ST:TOS, 1968.

Double Standard by Ava1234567 on DeviantArt (the true reality is spirk man, spirk is out there!)

At first I was like, "Hmmm, another Spock? What's that about?" Then I'm like, "Oh, stupid. You see but you do not observe! They are stunt doubles!" I feel like Sherlock is going to randomly appear and give me dirty looks for being so oblivious.

Boldly Go Mr. Spock The world lost a legend but the universe just gained another star, RIP Leonard Nimoy.

My two fav Next Gen characters, Q and Data. How does one explain Q? Well...essentially, he's Loki, but with a bigger ego and fewer explosions. How does one explain Data? Put a five-year-old Spock into an android's body and double-dose his curiosity.

Omg <---- no, you dont understand... Susan, the Doctor's granddaughter, fell in love with a human. What if Sherlock is their descendent? It explains the intellectual prowess of our favorite consulting detective, and, besides, Spock being part Time Lord would be awesome!!!!!!

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