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He actually said that

He actually said that

Conservative Attacks On Trump May Backfire By Encouraging Him To Run As A Spoiler In 2016

Donald Trump under fire after telling CNN that GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly was 'bleeding from her whatever' when she challenged him during Thursday's prime-time debate

Fox 'News' Relies On 'Secret Documents' Provided By Sleazy Right Wing Group <-------Well I have a friend who has an uncle, who has a neighbor, who heard from a very reliable source that there's a rumor...

Fox Devotee Arrested For Making Terrorist Threats - Now Arrest Fox News' Employees

President Obama explains GOP obstructionism in 6 seconds

On the campaign trail for the last time, President Obama crystalizes how a majority of this nation feels about how Republicans have been obstructing progress.

Friday Fox Follies In France

Fox News Blames Obama for Apartheid, Racist Cops, and GOP Jobs Obstruction

Don't Be Stupid: Trump Lied About Taxing The Rich And Raising The Minimum Wage

Archbishop Released Video Telling Catholics To Do Something BRUTAL To Trump, It’s Unprecedented

Rekha Basu: Iowa GOP setting the standard for intolerance (racist flowchart follies barf alert)

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