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Cosy socks in the winter time!

LOVE - anytime you need an item you put in on the shopping list!!! :)

Colorful Shopping List Refrigerator Magnets

Shopping list refrigerator magnets by Harrington & Squires: love the idea but some of the things I don't buy. Maybe a DIY?

Knee High Boot Socks Hand Knit Norwegian Design - sold out but i like the pattern!

Knee High Boot Socks Hand Knit Norwegian Design You Pick Color. so cute must have for winter!

18 Household Tips That Will Blow Your Mind -- I think the stripped screw tip is one I will use REPEATEDLY!! :)

Repurpose Clothes Hanger Clips Into Chip Clips - why the hell didn't I think of this? Good idea for those hangers you get from the store that you usually end of throwing out!

Your phone's photo album is probably filled with pictures of a fun night out, family events, and too many pictures of your pet, but the most important snapshots are often of things you wouldn't naturally think to include. As Apartment Therapy Tech points out, capturing photos of your prescription medication can be incredibly useful as a reminder or an indicator when you're in an emergency.  On top of that, we'd add the following:

Keep an Emergency Photo Album in Your Phone to Quickly Provide Important Information in a Crisis

using your smart phone to remember everything is so so smart. you can keep a picture of your license plate; pictures of your air filters and light bulbs for replacement; pictures of your chalk-board shopping lists; ssn's disguised as phone numbers;

Hold Long Should I Hold on to Financial Records

{Financial Cents} How Long Should You Keep Your Financial Records?

How Long Should I Hold Onto Financial Records? When on a decluttering mission, it maybe hard to know what financial papers you can safely throw away. Read this guide for help.

IHeart Organizing: Quick Tip: Cute Cord Labels

Organizing Cords/Chargers- great idea and you could use colored duct tape to decorate an cardboard box

Organizing a Kitchen Command Center

Organizing a Kitchen Command Center