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'increase the peace' neon, 2013 by artist Patrick Martinez

Thugs need hugs daily - 'increase the peace' neon, 2013 by artist Patrick Martinez. I want this in my house.

I send song lyrics to express what I'm truly feeling because I can't say it in my own words

Community - Schreiben, diskutieren, Freunde treffen

'When words fail music speaks' Neon " I'll have to say I love you, in a song" Thanks Jim Croce!

TRUER words were never said. BE BRAVE. *reminder*

This neon styled typography drew my attention because of the implication that it has in the era of the film. I think it captures the feel of dirty, hostile streets and how the only light comes from neon signage

Dayglow blasts of fluorescent paint rained down on crowds in downtown Austin. Black light made them shine. "If you weren't dancing, you were just standing there covered in paint." Just studying light design...

A recent National Geographic article on the teenage brain provides parents with an understanding of why their teenager acts the way they do, particularly as they relate to technology.

YOU ARE MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL.... remember that! :)

You are more than beautiful neon sign. We think we should all have this mentality! Neon pink signs are the best!