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Busting Out Too

Busting Out Too

A green bee visiting it for a sip of nectar and caught in action.

Almost an "SOOC" shot, only having made minor tonal adjustments in Lightroom "Develop." Backing off on exposure, and increasing contrast and highlights, to bring out the subtle texture and coloration.

Basically an SOOC shot, except for a few dirt flakes removed via Photoshop. Just to prove, I can produce straight photos :{)))

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This time, only slightly modified in Topaz Glow. Using one of the "Fur and Feather" presets to begin the work with :{)))

Topaz, Masks, Gears, Marshalls, Glow, Cameras, Trees, Photos, Pictures

Almost an SOOC, but with one run thru Topaz Glow Cuddly Critters to darken the background a bit and add definition to the flower by a boost in contrast.

Marshalls, Trees, Photos, Pictures, Photographs, Plant

Since Monet touched this first, I figured I that it would be fair to give you the "Untouched by Monet" version. Only minor adjustments done in both Lightroom and Photoshop to correct exposure and contrast :{)))

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