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New Dunkin Donuts sandwich. Delicious or disgusting?

New Dunkin Donuts Sandwich Puts Egg And Bacon Between A Glazed Doughnut

Hostess Executive Bonuses: Twinkie-Maker To Seek Approval For $1.8 Million In Bonuses During Liquidation (UPDATE)

Hostess To Ask For Executive Bonuses As Workers Lose Their Jobs

Your guide to homamade Hostess: Twinkies recipes, ho hos, ding dongs and more. Will miss the Wonder Sandwich Bread and Sesame Seed Hamburger buns too!

Birthday Cake Oreo's in honor of Oreo 100th Birthday!  Whattt where do i get these!? Must find!!

Birthday Cake Oreos

Birthday Cake Oreos - Since 1912 Oreo has been a popular treat among kids as well as sweet-toothed adults. In honor of Oreo’s birthday on March Na.

Hostess, union mediation fails

Hostess terminating employees after mediation fails (Photo: Bret Hartman / Reuters)

En Estados Unidos, algunas hamburgueserías están “alquilando” el pan de sus hamburguesas a otras marcas para hacer publicidad en ellas

Looking for ways to make their product stand out in an increasingly crowded segment, some burger brands are turning to a very literal form of branding.

#Brand Content: “It´s not about your brand, It´s about their brand”.

brand-content-its-not-about-your-brand-its-about-their-brand by Fernando Barrenechea via Slideshare

Asian Celebrities, Hair Dye, Youtubers, Korea

The fast food company has rebranded a Sydney-based McCafe as "The Corner"   where it will be serving fresh, experimental dishes

McDonald's has a new tactic... be less like McDonald's

gourmet burgers, digital self-service kiosks and menu boards, McDonald .