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'Show & Tell' Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit (Plus Size)

Plus Size Women's Becca Etc. 'Show & Tell' Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit

Finn and Cassian looking at their baes beating up the bad guys

#SaveAgentCarter - Twitter Search

“to me, she is royalty” i just had to do something as a tribute to carrie - a woman who i loved and admired far before i ever saw a single star wars movie. she was so unapologetically herself and i hope one day i can have just a fraction of the...

''That's all it takes. One lonely, naive man desperate to show off, and a woman clever enough to make him feel special.''

You're never too far away You never show up too late #Stars // Skillet

It's like that one time on Lumpy's Faux News show when a contributor ranted about the 'welfare state', ending with, and I promise I'm not making this up, "I was on food stamps...anybody help me? No!"

The Goddess Wadjet (Green One) was the Protector of Lower Egypt. She was also the protector of kings and of women in childbirth. As a patron Goddess, she was associated with the land and depicted as a snake-headed woman or a snake—usually an Egyptian cobra. She was shown coiled upon the head of Ra; in order to act as his protection. That is why the Pharaoh's crown showed a rearing cobra.