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Google docs If you don't use Google Docs in your classroom yet, you're crazy. Amazing the collaboration it creates with peers and teacher and how much students truly grow visually seeing you work with them on their writing.

35 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom

Amazing how the collaboration helps students grow visually when the teacher works with them on their writing.

Our 4th grade class could create our own "Bill of Rights" while we study the real thing during Celebrate Freedom Week.

Classroom Bill of Rights. I would use this after discussing the Bill of Rights and once the students have an understanding of what the Bill of Rights were and and types of issues they covered we would then be able create our own Classroom Bill of Rights.

Doing the right thing! Faith inspired blog

Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life.

15 Classroom Washi Tape Hacks. Washi tape makes everything prettier, don't you think?!

How To BOOST Teacher Morale At Your School

Fifth grade classroom. Using cricut.

This is like Spencer Henry said, "Keep the Rules Simple." I will "let the students help me" create this poster to display as my classroom rules.

Check out this blog post for tons of excellent anchor charts!

Anchor Charts Galore

I took a little “field trip” to my sister’s classroom last week. She teaches in San Diego and is the reason I found my way to education. She is a literacy queen and really knows her stuff when it comes to reading instruction. I snapped several pictures

Google Forms can be used daily for classroom management and/or assessment OR they can be used when you need a break from the mundane

This is a webpage written by high school teachers for those who teach US history who want to find online content as well as technology that you can use in the classroom.

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer may have taken my friend Kathy but not before she showed me how much love, hope, faith, peace, friendship and all the memories.

good timber does not grow with ease… - 71 Toes. good sign for a Tree themed wedding

a great anchor chart to put right next to where your students turn in their work!

Kindergartners Retell Stories With Photo Story

How to Answer Math Questions for Student Journal

How to Answer Math Questions .Chesapeake College Adult Education Classes has free math classes to help you.

Pin for Later: We all need a little motivation sometimes!

24 Motivational Prints to Inspire a Fresh New Year

The Creative Classroom: Getting My Classroom In Order: FINALLY, It's Done!

The Creative Classroom: Getting My Classroom In Order: FINALLY, It's Done!