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cirro-cumulo stratus clouds | ... by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

The Ice Cirles... by Marvin Evasco on 500px - Scarborough - Ontario - Canada - WOW, I've never seen these all the years I loved near there!

A human eye. Incredible... How fascinating is it that this image resembles space objects and deep sea life forms..?!

Ice CiRCLES are a natural anomaly known to rarely occur in very cold climates. Scientists speculate that they are formed from whirlpools that rise to the surface and then freeze in the shape of a perfect circle. The LARGEST reported ice circle was measured at 150 meters in diameter.

03/27/13 Please pray for Angela regarding her job situation. She has been working two different transcription jobs. The hours for one of the jobs has been cut. The other contract is under review and might change in April. Please pray that she finds a great way to make up for any loss of income. She specifically requests prayer for a test she will be taking on March 28 for a potential employer. May she do very well on the test and not be nervous about it. I ask for God's grace and favor for…