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I just discovered this gem of a one-year-old BUB daydreaming about intergalactic hot air balloon expeditions.

Meet Oscar, a cat with a supernatural ability to feel when people are about to die. In over 50 documented cases, Oscar, who lives in a nursing home , has cur...

People Say This Special Nursing Home Cat Can Sense Death Before It Happens


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Stray kitten to healthy kitten Completely healthy baby

Man Found Kitten Shivering in Pouring Rain.

Our King Henry VIII

One day, I went to pick up some furniture I found off craigslist. The poster said they were ditching their rent, getting rid of everything .

9 Mind blowing cat facts !!

9 Mind-Blowing Cat Facts

Cats may be city slickers that rarely venture out into the wilderness, a new study suggests.

Cat Letter: Dear Rogue

Cat Letter: Dear Rogue