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Caroline Mallon

Wallpaper and background photos of Harry Potter gifs for fans of Harry Potter images.

Hogwarts through the years. I love this

Hogwarts through the years. I love this

Thank you, Harry.

I was obsessed in Harry Potter was my childhood and the childhood of a generation. I grew up with Harry, my mum read me Harry.I will read Harry to my children.

Yes, I am a Harry Potter geek.

I don't care how old I get, I will always want a Harry Potter light switch. Those books made my childhood.

Since none of my friends are nearly as enthusiastic about HP as I am, I may have to have kids just to throw this party.

29 Essentials For Throwing The Perfect Harry Potter Party

HP crack with Voldy! ((Right now I'm having a severe case of recurrent Tom-Riddle-obsession, so I'm gonna spam you with TR arts soon~ Please forgive me.))

HP - Harry Potter and Severus Snape (Soundtrack: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga) - The potion by Tenshi-no-Hikari

Hogwarts is my home.

Hogwarts is my home.

Vector Potter4: Moaning Myrtle by ~brodiehbrockie

I love ghosts, so the first B-list character to appear in this series gets to be Moaning Myrtle. Moaning Myrtle is also the first character I'm featurin.

...The Best...

✨ Molly Weasley✨ on

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Harry Tumblr #5

Well that was an unexpected gif!Lord Voldemort<whole video of it and stuff like it on you tube called Hairy Podder (I think that's what it's called)