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Public interest

To bring attention to all of the animals who are suffering as a result of our plastic problem, Surfrider Foundation has released a series of brilliant ads that are sure to make you rethink all the plastic in your life.


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Just saying, maybe you have one less beer this week and somebody else somewhere in the world gets water if you put the money there instead. Small changes are what change the world. Never doubt your role.

Good Advertising

People in Need Ad Campaign. People in Need Ad Campaign. (So for the price of accessories. People could change their lives for weeks.

Surfrider Foundation YOUNG & RUBICAM PARIS jean paul thurlow

Surfrider Foundation, Sea Animals Fishs Hunter colour for focal point

Clever charity box. - Imgur

Clever charity box.

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Attention Getting Compilation

Some funny ads - Wall to Watch Love the architectural interest added by the geometric design of Mini Cooper ad amazing ads Advertising fu.

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend

Creative Truck Advertisements

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Very creative, <3 it!

Funny pictures about Koleston natural hair ad. Oh, and cool pics about Koleston natural hair ad. Also, Koleston natural hair ad photos.