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alex-snow-drill01.jpg (1920×1080)

My take on the bioshock big daddy drill based on the concept art.

Steampunk 1/6 scale action figures | Scale Model | Pinterest

Steampunk The Battle of Istambay Mountain Marine & Separatist scale action figure.

Light_Milita_Armor.jpg (222×437)

" Light Milita Armor " A bit vintage. All parts looks craftable.

Bioshock Infinite Art Dump @GavinGoulden

Here is my work from Bioshock Infinite in Zbrush. I think the total amount of characters within the game is around divided between 2 character artists and some outsourced work.


‘Sneak’ suit concept art for Metal Gear Online


Charlie from Feature ArtStation - GunSlinger, Ivo Nies

Dishonored Was Such A Beautiful Video Game

Dishonored Was Such A Beautiful Video Game

Dive into The Art of Cedric Peyravernay, a French Concept artist based in Lyon.