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Society has trained children to be given everything and not have to work for it. True seeking and learning requires work, and isn't always at the push of a button on a computer. Sometimes you have to go out and experience physically to learn and grow.

where words fail...

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No..... not heavy - just shallow. When you thought you knew someone for a very long time .... you were naively, completely, and totally wrong. Flying solo.... when deep down in your heart you did not wish this to be your future. Where did it all go wrong?

3 Hobbies... Singing plays a big role in my life. Me and my family sing together alot, at churches, family events, and other things. Ive been singing scince i was little and i never want to stop:)


I am all about loving yourself, and becoming the best version of yourself you can possibly be. My goal is to help you get there, and to believe that you are gorgeous no matter what anyone says.