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I shall always repin the time Tom Hiddleston said "he was completely cray cray" XDDD omg

Funny pictures about The Way Tom Hiddleston Describes Loki. Oh, and cool pics about The Way Tom Hiddleston Describes Loki. Also, The Way Tom Hiddleston Describes Loki photos.


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Tom Hiddleston....Proof that you can love Shakespeare and still use weird, "modern day" words ;)

He describes loki based off of how much caffeine he's had that day. loki is either "more like the god of misunderstood pain" or "he is totally cray cray" lol

Tom Hiddleston, "So it's a strange relationship because I kind of love him."

OP: Tom Hiddleston, This man understands me and explained everything that I try to. Marry me seriously! Describes how I feel about most of my favourites as well.