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So I was feeling sassy...

So I was feeling sassy.

(60) #confessionsofanintrovert hashtag on Twitter

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Hilarious Test Answers From Kids from happyplace via mymyhasptymouth #Kids #Humor

What are three things you want to do in the future? 1 Get a girlfriend. 2 Kiss her. 3 Rule the world. This kid is going places.

& This is why you ask questions before acting like a total elitist fucktard.

"show him your fucking BADGE!!"

XD So a farmer is going about his business. The big mean DEA officer wants to check for illegal plants. Farmer tries to be nice, but DEA officer is too in love with his badge. The bull would probably love to see it.

When guys ask for nudes..

When guys ask for nudes. If only I had a pic of Flash.

seriously, calm down

seriously, calm down before you get yourself killed. Though that's a hilarious idea.

Spot. Hades named his dog Spot. I'm done.

Spot the underworld guardian and Hagrid name his ferocious three headed dog Fluffy. I could come up with way cooler names than that!