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Three US Allies Now Fighting Against Each Other in Northern Syria

I know it's your destiny to listen to this Saturday Morning Slow Jams version of the Pokemon theme song.

Cosmetic advertisements and their effect on women

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream: Madonna Photo: This Photo was uploaded by giopetsgraphicart. Find other Adobe Photoshop Day Cream: Madonna pictures and photo.

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An Idiot, My Grandmother, Depression

Here is something to cheer you up on a Monday—or to motivate you to hit the gym today. Australian animator CL Terry, who would be.

The sale of Canadian-made military vehicles to Saudi Arabia is once again under scrutiny. A new report finds that the Canadian government is behind a deal th.

AP Explains: What is behind the Lebanese PM's resignation

Fox News - Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's bombshell resignation in a televised speech from Saudi Arabia took the nation by surprise Saturday.