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WJWE Hanukkah Wish List and a Giveaway

Great post about yiddish/Jewish gifts for all occasions. Love the Yiddush magnetic poetry kit (good for passing on the grandparents' secret language to the next generation)

My Bashert with heart mug - Jewish, Hebrew, Yiddish Saying - My Destiny, my love, my soulmate, my other half - Great gift for your love

29 Miraculous Foods To Make For Hanukkah

29 Miraculous Foods To Make For Hanukkah, even if you aren't Jewish, bringing culture to a Christmas spreads not only adds something different it can also be educationally delicious!

Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnut Cake

Pin for Later: 20 Baked Doughnut Recipes, Because Frying Is Overrated (and Messy!) Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnut Cake A sufganiyot jelly doughnut cake is like one large baked doughnut, and the presentation is stunning.

Celebrate the holiday of lights

Precipizi and other fried foods for Hanukkah. These fried dough balls of honey-covered goodness are from Italy.

A feast of fried foods for Hanukkah

Skip donuts and instead try these Hanukkah Fritters with Chocolate Sauce, a twist on traditional bumuelos fried fritters | Tori Avey

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Hanukkah wreath Hanukkah decor Holiday by WitchesLairWreaths

Mini Dreidel Soaps - Hanukkah Gift