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Twist of spelling for a feature benifit

Heartfelt Quotes: Actually, I just woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore, or ever again. So I changed. Just like that.

25park Just like that age old question in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY...can a girl and guy ever really be best friends without being in love? You had me at hello ️ THAT MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION...SILLY BOYS; YOU LOVE US

I needed this. I kept on feeling like I'm too sensitive and that I should just get stronger and tuck it away, but in reality it is my strength

i just want to run away - Google Search

Reminds me of what my best friend told my husband..."be careful, I've known her a long time. She wont fight, she will just leave without a word if you push her away" I think she might just know me better than anyone ever.

This makes me think of my mom. When i have done something and i tried my hardest, she says i cant try my hardest because i have to be perfect. This drives me crazy. I dont like being perfect. I get straight A's and one B? She says im awful. I just feel so pressured to be perfect that i just break because i know im a dissapointment.

"That's why i like you so much" -Albert Camus

such an in tune chemistry. honestly, I don't think my generation will ever get to see true love like this.

Truth- my fiance is a Gemini- Sagittarius Facts /