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"In the Equilibrium series, Koons created One Ball, Two Ball, and Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tanks as symbols of an 'ultimate state of being.' As a symbol of another state of being, he also made 50/50 Tanks, as a reference to Kierkegard's Either/Or... In order to create this effect... Koons carried out extensive research, famously consulting the Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard P. Feynman, who died only a few years later..."

opens tonight, 7-10p:“Seducers” curated by Evie FalciGreenpoint Terminal Gallery, 67 West St., Brooklyn NYfeatured artists: Nadia Ayari, Irena Jurek, Hein Koh, Emma Kohlmann, Rebecca Morgan, Tamara Santibanez, Jennifer Sullivancoinciding with Greenpoint Gallery Night: 11 galleries will be holding receptions or extending hours from 7–10pm throughout Greenpoint, Brooklyn. More info here: www.greenpointgalleries.org

Tenis de mesa o ping pong | Periódico Aldaba, publicación del IES Campos y Torozos

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