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Mark Sloan <3 I miss you!!!! Too frickin' sad!! Curse you Shonda Rhimes!!! (If that's how you spell her name)

Mark Sloan I miss you! Too frickin' sad! Curse you Shonda Rhimes! (If that's how you spell her name)

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EVERY DAMN TIME! George was a hero, a soldier in his own right, and he deserved that uniform. God I miss George and Izzie

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Meredith: So who's the maid of honor? Me or Cristina?he needs a best man and he wsas asking for you. Cristina: So what am I? Izzie: You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable.

The "What If" episode!!! Hipster Alex... :) (Grey's Anatomy)

If someone performed aneurysms on cats, it would be Cristina Yang Alex in glasses tho *heart eyes emoji*