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Fox Village in Japan

Fox Village in Japan

There's a wonderful, little place in Japan called Zao Fox Village - a place where you can feed and pet over 100 wild foxes.

so glad this one's on the other side of a lens. if they didn't spit like a firehose, I'd want one. :)

Cute and curious, Alpaca. I'm wondering if this is the Ringling retirement ranch for their Circus Elephants(note background). It has to be this country. The Elephants are Asian, and Alpacas(Llamas) are South American.

Red Fox by Larry Hitchens

For some reason Nat was very disappointed they didn't see a red fox while on her school trip to palmyra cove. When asked why she replied 'cause I like red foxes.' Good one kid, good one.

Petite souris (attention à ma maman, ne la regardes pas, je l'épingle, c'est trop mignon...)

Cutest little gerbil! It is a gerbil because it has the paws, face, and tail.

Hehe, look at that face

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Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Beautiful-wildlife: Tiger by Robert Cinega It's probably one of the most beautiful animals in the nature.

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

I have seen a couple playing in my backyard from time to time but have been unable to get a picture!<<I wish I had foxes in my backyard.