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Many fans were left unsatisfied with the final scene of The Walking Dead's sixth season. Now, Robert Kirkman has addressed the backlash over the cliffhanger, promising an "awesome payoff".

Walking Dead

Were all infected. Well, at least its not herpes. -- The Walking Dead vs. hahahahahaha EVEN they think anything is better than HERPES 🤣😂

An absolutely magnificent, beautiful, sexy, dangerous, irritatingly good looking character.... hahaha!

Describing Daryl Dixon…

He speaks the truth… the walking dead - andrew lincoln and norman reedus

So cute!!

Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln: their bromance is sweet! I love when guys can admit they love their friends!

Haha! True

Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead 2 favorite peeople right there. nd yeah so true, i still want

Introducing people to the Walking Dead. Ha!

Exactly my couple of ex's and current boyfriend had this facial expression the first time, then they got used to it when I'd sit right directly in front of the tv not moving for the next hour.

The Walking Dead -- Before and After ~ [ This is us EVERY SINGLE TIME! x'D @Samantha Chales & @Kirsten Brigham ]

The Walking Dead -- Before and After Pretty much how I feel after the mid-season finale and the mid-season premier.

The Walking Dead Poster Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus: Daryl Dixon--Even though I don't watch The Walking Dead, this guy's my favorite.

If Carol had a baby with Shane and hired the Governor as the nanny...you would get Lizzie

OMG, Lizzie is so psycho. Even with the threat of walkers, even with her sister firing a gun, she wasn't going to stop until Judith was dead. This kid needs to be walker bait!

Me with my family when they want to watch sports

Um that's definitely not an option-The Walking Dead funny memes

This pretty much sums up my feelings about this episode. Oh, Walking Dead logic...

The reaction to The Walking Dead: Rick and the Governor - this was totally me!