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Glacier Cascades - I had a lot of fun composing different views of these small cascades. Glacier is easily one of the best US national parks in my opinion.

Wai'anapanapa - Looking down the east Maui coast. Thanks for looking!

Pipiwai Trail - This trail ranks number one on my list of hikes that I've done. Thanks for looking!

On The Edge - I took this shortly after I began my photography hobby while on a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. Thanks for looking!

Alamo Square Moonrise - Managed to catch a sweet moonrise while shooting this iconic scene. Thanks for looking!

Shores of Oahu - Lanai Lookout, located on Oahu's southeastern coast. Thanks for looking!

The Red Canoes - These red canoes have become a bit of a cliche but I just had to get a shot of them when I got the chance. Thanks for looking!

Canyon - One from my early days of photography in 2009. Thanks for looking!

Rise and Shine - One of the better sunrises I saw during my time in Hawaii. Thanks for looking!