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more people need to have these phrases in their vocabulary.

I have been working around Northerner's for some time now and my boss always told me not to say "ma'am" she did not want it to be that formal, but that is just how I was raised. I was raised to have manners and I still call her ma'am.


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Southern terms of endearment.. The fact that "ma'am" is listed on this makes me smile. I told Chris I'm gonna have to get used to him calling me ma'am. I think of old lady's and he says its a term of respect. He was brought up to call women "ma'am" and men "sir". Guess that's part of being a military baby and growing up in the south. =)

Southern Terms of Endearment. I call my daughter baby cakes and my husband calls her sweet pea :-)

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We do say this, a lot! Southern Sayings: 8 x 10 Lord Have Mercy Print - Sweet Southern Charm Wall Art via Etsy