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Resultado de imagen para ratones N.6 anime

Nezumi anime - Started watching this cool sci-fy story and I love rat, I love rat and I love rat (nezumi in jap) it's ever so slightly yoai but it's still pretty good<<<*whispers* totally yaoi

Anime boy, black hair, blue eyes, hoodie; Anime Guys

“Hey, I'm Fate Azure." He smiled and nodded at you." You two talked for a bit about clothes. He was a male model, after all!" You smiled (or frowned, if you choose gothic) at him, and turned away.

Kaito Fujimoka Age: 19 Height: 6'3 He can be quite flirty at times, but hes very kind and outgoing. He says whatever he thinks, not caring if it hurts someone or not.Very sarcastic when he wants to be.Trys best to avoid his family after they arranged his marriage to a princess from the land over.He cares for his best friend, knowing her ever since he was young. He tends to get attached to things to easily

<<<<<<<he's not England from hetalia. He's shizou from durarara don't know if I spelled it right but oh well.

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