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Throne of the Netherlands, Great Hall of the Ridderzaal, the Hague (late c.

The ivory throne of Tsar Ivan The Terrible

Ivory Throne of Russia ---- the throne Alexandra used during her and Tsar Nicholas' coronation (first was made for Tsar Ivan IV--aka "Ivan the Terrible").The Ivory Throne of Ivan IV currently sits in Moscow’s Kremlin museum.

Henry VIII's throne

Westminster Hall where Anne Boleyn enjoyed her Coronation triumph with a banquet. The medieval Coronation Chair used by all English and British kings and queens at their crowning.

Pharaoh King Tut Ankh Amun, Ecclesiatical Throne.

Gold Treasures Of Tut Ankh Amun or Tutankhamon (Incorrectly But Commonly Called, King Tut), Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.

Throne of Emperor Napolean I, from 1808, in the royal residence, Fontainebleau Palace, in France

Fontainebleau - the royal residence - Page 2 - inFrance - France in Russian Throne room

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Throne of King Christian VI, Throne Room of Rosenberg Castle, Denmark (1740).

Throne of King Christian VI, Throne Room of Rosenberg Castle, Denmark

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Throne room in King's Palace-Copenhagen

Discover Throne of Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark: Opulence and fantasy collide in this royal chair which is supposedly made with unicorn horns.