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Sherlock On Tumblr #3

obviously don't ship Johnlock or the cuss words, but the rest is gold

A compilation of text posts honoring the wonderful Papa Lestrade

Sherlock On Tumblr #10 : Lestrade Edition!

Ermagawd i have a new ship! Lestrade loves Sherlock but Sherlock loves Jawn! Irene for life!

Wait wait don't people know about the Lazarus story? About the 'zombie' and Julius Caesar? You know, Lazarus, 'he who shall rise again'.

Oh my goodness! Just the other day I saw a quote from either Moffat or Gatiss saying that they had hinted at the truth of how Sherlock survived, but no one had figured it out. Well, guys, I think someone finally figured it out! I love my fandom!

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The most human Sherlock has made himself, when his best friends are in danger and he doesn't know what will happen next for them…

Sherlock On Tumblr #31

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"This person has it spot on. The character development in this show is simply brilliant!!!"

"I have such a crush on these narrative structures!" (a bit tl;dr, but worth it.