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jane birkin 60s

Jane Birkin w/ Serge Gainsbourg Hippie Fashion Icon, fearless gamine sex symbol, actress, musician.Oh namesake of the Birkin bag.

Jane and Serge stood in the hallway, so close, but yet, so far a way -- all because of three words: "I love you." Although Serge's posture displays more affection than Jane's posture, she is clearly demanding he say these words first, and more importantly, he say these words for real not haphazardly like most people say "I am sorry."

Jane Birkin, in a knitted mini dress and a low-slung belt, with partner Serge Gainsbourg in Paris in

cool chic style fashion: Jane Birkin + Birkin bag Hermès + Icon + basket style

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, the franco-british couple of fashion music Franco Breciano British

always classic -Gainsbourg/birkin

Jane Birkin with Serge Gainsbourg, wearing a wool pea coat over a mini dress with flats and a wicker basket - a look which brings to mind Alexa Chung today.Celebrity with a basket and basket Basket

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