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Greg Olsen Paintings, 28 sample paintings of the blessed artist Greg Olsen are here. To purchase portraits and paintings, go to Greg Olsen Store.

We Latter-day Saints love filling our homes with faithful and beautiful artwork, from pictures of temples to depictions of Christ’s life. Other images representing scripture stories and LDS values are also just as inspiring. Read on to find new favorite paintings and sculptures for your home, and learn the significance behind each of these 7 stunning pieces of art that bring light and truth into our lives.

7 Stunning LDS Art Pieces (and the Powerful Stories Behind Them)

Greg Olsen art - love this one

Take My Hand by Greg Olsen Jesus loves the little children and the adults, too! Jesus loves YOU.

Precious In His Sight by Greg Olsen (I love this painting of Christ <3  It's so beautiful and uplifting <3)

Precious In His Sight by Greg Olsen (I love this painting of Christ It's so beautiful and uplifting. My favorite!

Greg Olsen's most recent painting- "Worlds Without End"

Greg Olsen (1958)

YOU have a special and unique place in God's plan. ("Worlds Without End" by Greg Olsen) I would love to get this, it's Zachs favorite painting.

Greg Olsen art one of my favorites!

Be not Afraid, Greg Olson. my favorite painting by him for so many different reasons.Light not the least.

Gentle Healer - by Greg Olsen  I love this picture of the Savior. I think he looks so strong and yet so meek.

Gentle Healer - Greg Olsen artwork depicts the most wonderful renderings of Christ. We don't know what he looked like and it doesn't matter. What Olsen depicts is more of what is in the spirit for me.

Greg Olsen

Cast Your Net by Greg Olsen Religious Jesus Print Poster

Cast Your Nets On The Right Side Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Greg Olsen