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I think I scared the people around me from the noise I just made from laughing, hahaha! It didn't sound human...

I wondered what taco flavored yogurt would taste like.then I realized it was sour cream.I'm laughing quietly to myself on the inside.

#Cool #dog needs to mark his #tree

Driver, pull over here I intend to defecate on that shrubbery Excellent Dog


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from theBerry ~ February 14, 2012 ~ "Morning Coffee"

Morning coffee (39 photos)

All my life my mother told me "you are going to get worms" I love raw cookie dough, cake natter, brownie batter.

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Cards against Humanity win. "When you get right down to it, an unhinged ferris wheel rolling toward the sea is just a windmill full of corpses". The won the entire game.