Boxus sempervirens cubes +Liriope muscari Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' + Hydrangea macrophylla

Alternating clipped hedges and grasses - Robert Broekema, Jos Verhorst - Gardening Go

Modern Country Style: Contemporary Country Garden Tour Click through for details.

I love the way these 'mop-head' standard Sycamores (?) are growing out of blocks of yew/Taxus bachata - MdR Robert Broekema, Fam.

Voortuin bloemen

Voortuin idee (never get tired of this combo of Hydrangea 'Annabelle', Fagus, boxwood and espalier trees (+ some lavender)


Small passage besides the house: small size trees, hydrangeas and perennial planting

In de scherpe hoek de cottoneaster laten staan, terrasplanken loodrecht op voorgevel leggen, hier en daar inspringen voor groen.

Abingdon garden designed by Sarah Price - A contemporary city garden on two levels with wooden deck, corten steps, topiary box and foliage plants. Photo by by Steven Wooster via The Garden Collection.

Swing in the garden

gravel path & sitting area close to house. City vibe meets Midwest charm in this harmonious Lincoln Park garden designed by Douglas Hoerr