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Funny Family Ecard: 'Ah, I feel so rested and didn't have to worry about anything at all today,' said no mom, ever.

"The quickest way for a mother to get her children's attention is to sit down and look comfortable." {mom, motherhood, kids, child, joke, funny, humor, ecard, card}

Amen!! Between Rach and Kenzie all I hear is "mom, hey mom, ohhhh mother" lol Luckily Blake is a daddy's boy so I get a bit of a break with him lol

I laugh at those who think being a 'Stay at home mom' is easy. Trade me for one day. You'll be crying before the end of your shift - at half past NEVER.

Parents: It's okay to say "no" to your children. They won't explode. True story. ------ humor. sarcasm. some ecards. parenting. Say no and stick to it.

Oh what's that?? You use to talk down on me for being "just a stay at home mom" but the second you have kids or get the OPPORTUNITY to be one, you jump right on the wagon? Just sayin' ;) #bestjobever #ogsahm #lovemyjob