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Renoise - Eine Daw für nerds ?

Renoise - Eine Digitale Audio Workstation für Nerds ?

Renoise - Eine Daw für nerds ?

10 Tips for Effective EQ during Mastering

In this article, we’ll look at the top ten tips for applying equalization during mastering – the final stage music passes through before being released to the world.

An infographic about dance music arrangement

Dance music has evolved over the course of years maintaining a specific structure. This did not happen accidentally since arrangement is very important as it facilitates the process of mixing two tracks.

Essential Ableton Live 9 Shortcuts

When listening to music, have you ever wondered how to play a song on a guitar?

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Playing Impossible Patterns with Chord Trigger—Step-by-step tutorial;

An unsung hero in Logic Pro X is the Scripter MIDI FX Plug-in. Using JavaScript you can create your own MIDI FX. Peter Schwartz (Mr Environment to his friends)

Softube Volume 1 VST/AU Plugins Bundle by Softube

The Swedish music software company Softube has released Softube Volume a plug-in bundle of 16 "World-Class Plugins" available in VST, AU plugin formats.

This is a frequency chart for Kick Drum, Snare, Hi Hats, Cymbals, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar, & Strings. Just gives you an idea of...

Remember Music Ideas: EQ Frequency Chart for Instruments & Electronic Sounds

pile of falcon 50 and 100 amps.. including the weedeater recording amp, and our new tabernac circuit falcon 50

pile of falcon 50 and 100 amps. including the weedeater recording amp, and our new tabernac circuit falcon 50

5 Compression Techniques and How to Use Them

Inspired by the great reception I received from 6 Frequencies and How to Spot Them I decided to do something similar with different types of compression. Compression is a tricky subject for many,.