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I wish i could of had children I would one with blue eyes and dark hair


how do you make a cuddly baby more cuddly? put him in a lion costume!

Blissful Style

baby girl pic, so cute!

For Kids

For Kids

soooooooooo adorable

What a smile sweet baby!

Cutie pie,i want onee

Oyy yerim <3

Pretty and cutie-pie cute!


so sweet! Cute baby picture ideas precious Baby Girl First Birthday Picture Idea Baby boy

Pretty and pink

Precious baby girl in pink

Sometimes you just don't know...

Cute Kid - 3 by

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what an adorable baby face with so amazing eyes

(33) Dorothy Wallace Photography ~ "No, silly, I'm not trying to eat my finger. I just chew on it 'cause it makes my gums feel better."               JM

Ana Rosa Beautiful little bubba

Hey! Look at me!

What a sweet baby baker

new baby! I want to to show y'all images on the most adorable child possibly, myself not surprisingly - boy or girl

Happy baby