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As a child she might even have been popular if she wasn't stuck with a nickname like tomato or red hot chili or whatever it was!

Elsa(suke) and Anna(ruto), Naruto Frozen style.

If Naruto was a disney movie. Though Sasuke has fire element so I don't see how he would work out to be Elsa(suke)

Omg Orochimaru. Just tell us your gender!!! Jk

Just a personal theory but what if Kabuto was the other parent, dad or mum i'm still not entirely sure but meh, just putting it out there.<kabuto was the mom its canon now

I don't even know what to say. XD These nerds are off the charts, I love it. <--- This. THIS. I lerv them so much.

These three are just so adorable 😊💜 How could you not love these boys 😆 Minato, Kakashi, & Naruto

One of my favorite quotes.

Halo I feel one of the arbiter's lines would've fit better, but this is still awesome funny moments funny moments metal piano drunk photos fat people

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This is what i commissioned the amazing DaiKai kushina and his parents,Her parents are my oc's and i've uploaded this commission again because i asked D. Kushina and her parents version 2