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I look at my art now and go no

I fudging looked at my old art yesterday from like years ago (some even just last year) and I cringed so hard!

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Submitted by: lalalovelost [ people say “draw me something” as if you can have it done in 5 minutes or just magically pull art out of your butt.

Things to NEVER say to an artist.

Things to NEVER say to an artist. This is so accurate. Should include: "Can you draw this [character] for me?" "Do you draw anime?" "Ooh, is that." and "Did you draw that from sketch or from references?" I'm an artist this really bothers me

Daria is my spirit animal.

When you sabotage yourself . 28 Daria Quotes For Any Situation. Everything sucks.


I'm too smart and sensitive to live in a world like ours - Daria quotes

Didn't want to sleep anyways

Didn't want to sleep anyways

Here comes the Doctor Who fandom. <---what's really funny is I have probably seen 5 episodes in total but I get this reference :)

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How to Draw Fifi the Girl Dog from The Peanuts Movie Step by Step Drawing Tutorial(Drawing Step Tutorials)