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I don't want to be called perfect, or beautiful or special. We have overused those words to the point where their meanings no longer hold the eloquence they used to. Instead I want to be called breathtaking, or alluring or unparalleled. I want to be called something like that so I know that I'm not average to them...I want to know that they have spent their time thinking of me, wondering about me, and imagining me.

you are the secret i crave to discover. Everyday I crave it more an more and you always there! One happy being right now! lovit!

I'm not saying that I think of you constantly, but I can't deny the fact that each time my mind wanders, it always finds some way back to you.

sunday night inspiration.

I don't think before I speak. It's a very unhealthy habit that I have been trying to fix. And sometimes I talk about humanity and the world as if it's the most basic and common thing ever. But the truth of the matter is, this world is very beautiful. Humanity is beautiful. There are so many glorious bits of the world that I can never even hope to grasp, they're so extraordinary and complex and straight up beautiful. That's the power of God, I suppose. How wonderful and striking and beautiful…