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Pin for Later: Marvelous Mehndi: 30 Beautiful Bridal Henna Designs Helping Hands A Pakistani bride surrounded by her mehndi-wearing wedding party.

Gond tribe girls silver jwellery in bastar region

india - chhattisgarh Hill Maria tribal people at Balengepura village.

Young village girl, Rajasthan, India. Permutations Made Easy-H J Fourie/Amazon Bestseller On Kindle(ebook) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/bestsellers/digital-text/362791031/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_kinc_1_7_last#2

She is Hindu but wears a thin veil from the influence of Muslims after the Moghul invasion. Copyright for this gallery photo belongs solely to Jim Zuckerman.

Drokpa tribe, India. "Before they pass away" by Jimmy Nelson.

Ladakhi or Dropka woman, Ansari Dha Village, Kashmir, India/ Pakistan

Заинтересовала роспись по телу и лицу. Пугающий озлобленный взгляд, нравится отсутствие (но только на первый взгляд!) эмоций на лице. Атмосферу также передают "тревожные" краски.

Make up of Vishnumoorthi Theyyam. An inevitable constituent in a majority of the Kaliyattams is the performance of the Vishnumoorthi Theyyam. And its performance includes complicated rites and rituals.

India | Mundiguda market, Orissa.  A lot of people there are Bonda; others are Didayi tribal people. | ©Walter Callens

A lot of people there are Bonda; others are Didayi tribal people. (This is a Bonda woman from India)

INDIA | ROMA Banjara (Lambadi) tribal women in traditional dress, Raikal village. The nomadic Indian Banjara peoples originated in the northern state of Rajasthan, which is also thought to be the origin site of the nomadic European Roma peoples.

Banjara tribal people at Raikal village. A Banjara women`s mode of dressing is regarded to be the most colorful, as well as elaborate, amongst all other tribal communities that are present at the moment in India.

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Portrait of Henlong (Konyak Naga) working in the field. She is wearing a colourful porcupine quill through her ear.

Steve Mc Curry – portraits

Steve Mc Curry – portraits

My heritage is Indian and I love that about our family! Our great, great, great grandmother was an Indian lady who met a Welsh guy.

Worship, Ganges, Varanasi, India

Aarti 3 by Kan Voraprukpisut Varanasi India on the Gats I implore everyone to make this journey - you will not be disappointed !

India || Snake charmer, bright and deep warm tones with dark neutrals

Sukh Deva, aka Guruji, is a well known Shaiva sadhu (devotee of Lord Shiva) in Varanasi India