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TFiOS/Divergent --- haha THANK you. Someone finally said it. Lol I personally don't like tfios but I agree with this


Divergent and Hunger Games funny. Peeta Tobias Four "what makes u think u can talk to me?" peeta: " i bake chocolate cake.

How to charm a number

I loved this part too. And when she is under Amity truth serum and discovers Tobias and her like each other because neither are very nice. And they took it out of the movie! They took the peace serum out of the movie Insurgent!

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These two guys are my favorite in divergent just like shailene Ansel and Theo. are my role models, future husbands, boyfriends, and celebrity crushes and all time favorite actors and I am a huge divergent and fault in our stars fan.

This legit happened and my mum was like..."stop being so extra it's just a book" while I'm sitting there balling my eyes out and she's just rolling her eyes...:'(

Um, when we saw mocking jay E: Mom! I bet Insurgent trailer will be first one! E: *Insurgent trailer is first* *rapidly starts hitting mom* MOM MOM MOM LOOOK!

My OTP. Finally, I have found you. Oh the joy in my heart. I have finally found you. My OTP.  (I should make this into a song! Comment if you think I should :))

Divergent - FourTris (No war) - 13

Read 13 from the story Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired with reads. tobias, tris, four. SHEO IN THE PIC!

Spoilers don't read if you haven't read divergent or hunger games!!!!!

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I like Tris a lot better than Katniss. Divergent is soooo much better than The Hunger Games. Books and Movie!


I would want them to be my parents. For a few reasons, 1 being that Sheo is real ! And 2 who wouldn't want the 2 main protagonists of divergent as their parents!

And you forget that the story you just read isn’t real. | 19 True Struggles Of Being Addicted To YA Books As An Adult

And you forget that the story you just read isn't real.

This happened at my house. Then to make me feel better my mom said "you've read lots of sad books. And people died in those books and you were sad but you got over it". I then thought of all the sad books I've read and cried harder